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Jan. 2016, Bucharest/80 old
 Name : OLARU, forname  - MIRCEA,  romanian ;
 Diplomat – teacher : phisical education / swimming  coach

BIRTH DATE/PLACE: 16 Mai 1936, Bolgrad (later Romanien Basarabia);
FAMILY: wife: Olga Olaru (1947), informaticien at RNC/ Internet National Center of  Romania
Daughter: Ana Maria Gunsel/Olaru (1969): Prof. lecturer at Cukurova Univ. Adana Turkey [Ilhami –1967, husband Museum Curator, Oxford Univ. Master, Jan Paul,2000, student]
EMAIL ADDRESS:  Romania: @mail>
[Graduate (9,20%)  ICF/National Phisical Culture Institut, Bucharest -1963 , 1st degree ph.ed. teacher (1982)]
1963 – Resercer al Central Institute of  Sports-Research, Buc., Romania;
1968 – Swimming trainer at Sports School Club Nr 1 PAJURA Bucharest; coach ctg:1-st/’70;
1974 – Swimming coach at  I.Y.I.K Istanbul, Turkey;
1976 – Swimming coach at National Swimming High-school in Bucharest, Romania;
1982 – Federal coach al Romanian Swimming Federation (elected by the vote of coaches!)
1986 – Swimming trainer al Sports school Club nr 1 Buc , Romania;
1987 - Technical Director named by FRN to open fiew news olimpic swimming pools= Drobeta, Alba Iulia, Suceava, Bacau ( in this city we had organized like Quines Book records, relay 100x50m, beginers, with 6 coaches, total 600 concurents, aftetr fiew years Bacau Olimpic center beagn to climb  in the top romanian swimming clubs)
1990(4 jan.)- elected, immediately after the Revolution of 1989, President of the Free Trade Union of CSS'Pajura ', Buc., with the vote of most of his colleagues / resigned from this office in March 1990, the moment when the National Salvation Front, despite the promises, turned into a party political...
 1990 – Counselor trainer of the Turkish Swimming Fed., Ankara, Bolu, Kastamonu, a.a.;
1995 – Prof. asociat at Univ. Ecologica Bucuresti, swimming manual lessons, seminars;

1998 – pensioned: after 37 age-old in coaching-sport areea with aprox. 20.000 subiect learn-swimming, many  generations of romanian champions (I was federal coach responsable to degree of the best romanian swimmers, lake: Carmen Bunaciu, Anca Patrascoiu – JO Los Angeles/1984, also, for Tamara Costache: she was first romanian WR of  50m free in Madrid CM / ‘86 with 0.25,28; also I coached with great succesfuly some turkysh swimmers, for  ex. 1975: 32 new turk natioanl records..., 200 IM male – 2.14, 00 or 100m Breastroke- 1.10,00, two swimmers, near to romanian degrees;
               1983 – I start to make know in the swimming-world the my ‘BEST-formul’/’Biomechanical Efficiency Swimming Test’ (she can be calculate very easy BEST = 100 – (Time+Strokes), one new practical methode to testing and clasification of the swimming-efficiency matter, also,(see Mag. EFS 1983/2, p.25)***
               In Sept. /  99, I imaginate one other formul ‘Personal Gliding Index’ / PGI = L – ( Kg. +  Q)
this mean: L= the Body lenght in gliding position (with the arms stretched forward); Kg.= Weight; Q = Nr. of Cm. between the under-armpit circumference (or other antropomophic measurmeants - angle, degree s.a –see Froude, Reynolds hidrodinamics laws). 

1950-1961 : component of the National  Swim-Teams: 100m fly-1.06,10 / 1954, Nov., Rostock/25m, ex-DDR [the 5ft. Top.WC In that moment]
1959 – 1963 – student of the National Phisical Culture Institut ICF , Bucharest, Ro.. grd. 9,20%
1963-1968 : 5 years, experiments a new-methodical line of the ‚fast+corectly swim teaching’ - “Research Center” – Viitorul, Bucarest; {{ Regret, but the 'Iron Curtain' made us not to communicate and so I say that 'Learning Swimming-Training through Short Distance Learning (IIIDS / USRPT) in Romanian terminology' The Concomitant Method 'was started from a successful experiment conducted between 1964, Sept. and 1968, Aug., at the Research Center for Sport / "Viitorul" Experimental School, Bucharest. The experiment was published in 'EFS Magazine' 5/1965 and presented at the 'International Conference of Coaches of the Socialist Countries', held in Buc. (13-16 Sept.1965), entitled "Concerning the reduction of the period of learning of swimming in children and the early combination of training with the training ", authors Mircea Olaru, Cristian Vladuta, Dr. Kathy Orosz ('The Concomitant Method' was also included in the 'Swimming Course' for students with swimming specialization at ICF Buc ./1967,p.79)  }}
1970          –  publishes 1stt ‘swimming-learning broshure ’ (75.000 ex., color);
1971          -  Manual  ‘Swimming Lessons’, 120 pg., (10.000 ex);
1982          –  Swimming - Methodical Manual’ (5000 ex);
1984          –  2nd ‘swimming-learnig brochure’ (25000 ex);
1988          –  2nd manual ‘Swimming Lesons’ / Don`t be afraid for the water (5000 ex);
1993          – Manuals and leson plans (2) for student of Univ. Ecologica- Bucuresti;
1995          – 4 color posters with “swimm-strokes’ dedicate to explain the BEST new concept,
       the all  4 posters in colaboration  with Canada Swim/Natation – Trevor Tiffany, 4000 ex..
1999         -mag.'Stiinta Sportului', ed CCPS, Referat - ‘Un nou concept in pregatirea inotatorilor'.
2007        -    swimbook ‚Despre inot ... cu Mircea Olaru1 (About swimming... with Mircea Olaru), a small sport-enciclopedia, 1000 ex sponsorized by InfoTurism Buchrest, promotional book

1965-1999:  published tens of scientifical articles, paperin, inventor of some swimming apparatus ....;

***  This 2 new ‘instruments’ (the ‘BEST’ and ‘PGI’ formuls) can  be use in one new kind to make testings and classification among the swimmers in to 50m Events;  the all competitors / series, will be organisates by the one ‘PGI-annual-card’, combinated both: PGI – (T + S) this is one method to make the control of the moving efficincy and the organisation in the equall series among the swimmers without age and sexes criterions, only by the PGI –annual Card who can by easy recalculate in every years....

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